MAGUS Human Being Detection System (Magus HBD)

Human Being Detection System

MAGUS Human Being Detection System (Magus HBD)
is a system that can accurately detect human beings hidden inside various types of vehicles and containers. Its use is intended for preventing and combating illegal immigration and any related cross-border criminality.


MAGUS HBD detects and processes the vibrations generated voluntarily (e.g. movement) but also involuntarily (e.g. heartbeat) by the human body. These vibrations are transferred to the vehicle / container and are detected by the high sensitivity sensors that the MAGUS HBD is equipped with.

The human being detection sensors are magnetically attached onto different parts of the vehicle’s / container’s chassis while additional sensors are placed on the ground close to the vehicle / container. Upon attachment to the chassis of the vehicle / container and activation, the sensors transform vibrations into electrical signals which are then sent wirelessly to the MAGUS HBD Processing Unit (Magus HBD-PU). Inside the processing unit, the signal acquired from the human being detection sensors is processed and analysed using a complex AI-based algorithm.

MAGUS HBD product

With the help of the MAGUS HBD software application, the processed signal from all the sensors and the detection results can be visualized in a user-friendly user interface. The system will generate an (audible) alarm only when the AI-based algorithm identifies a vibration pattern typical to that produced by a human being, indicating a human being is inside the vehicle/container being scanned. This helps Magus HBD easily identify valid targets and eliminate false alarms.

  • Human being detection sensors (minimum 2 sensors and up to 6 sensors + 1 spare)

  • Ground vibration detection sensors (minimum 1 sensor up to 2 sensors + 1 spare)

  • Wind speed sensor

  • MAGUS HBD processing unit

  • Portable rugged device (tablet) running the MAGUS HBD software application

  • MAGUS HBD - software application

  • Battery charger for the MAGUS HBD processing unit and wireless sensors

  • Transportation and storage case

  • Border crossing points

  • Penitentiaries

  • Military units

  • River and seaports

  • Road checkpoints for vehicles

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Accurate detection results of hidden persons inside vehicles / containers

  • Fast scanning process

  • Low rate of false alarms

  • User-friendly user interface

  • Visual and audible alerts for the operator

  • Easy integration into existing checkpoints

  • Flexibility: portable system

  • Operational-cost effective – less personnel, infrastructure and training needed when using the MAGUS HBD

  • Increases security and detection efficiency


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