MAGUS Fence Protector System (Magus FPS)

sensitive cable

to the central alarm unit

power supply

sensitive cable

Magus Fence Protector System (Magus FPS)
is an outdoor perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS). It is fence mounted and functional on any type of fence, ideal to protect small, medium and long perimeters.

The system provides full perimeter coverage and can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with any PIDS systems, radars, CCTV cameras, etc through Magus Command & Control Platform (a Physical Security Information Management -PSIM platform).

Fence Protector System

Welded Mesh

Fence Protector System

Expanded Metal

Fence Protector System

Chain Link

Fence Protector System



The 'cut or climb' intrusion attempts produce vibrations on the fence and on the sensor cable. The vibrations generate an electric signal through the sensor cable that is detected by the Magus FPS Processing Unit (MFPSPU).

The MFPSPU analyses the signal and generates an alarm. The MFPSPU is connected to an Alarm System or a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software platform (alarm monitoring software). An intelligent detection algorithm classifies the type of alarm as a true positive alarm (cut or climbing attempts) or false positive alarms (generated by other sources such as wind, rain, hailstones, etc.)

Magus FPS detection zones
  • Small/medium/large industrial facilities

  • Power plants

  • Military facilities

  • Critical infrastructures

  • Residential areas

Magus Fence Protector (Magus FPS)
works in harsh weather environments with extremely low false alarms. Magus FPS has multilayers of false alarm filtration.

No calibration, no training, easy to install, dry contact relay outputs.


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