MAGUS Air Quality Monitoring System (Magus AQM)

MAGUS Air Quality Monitoring System (Magus AQM)
is a state-of-the-art smart system designed to monitor the air pollution level and provide to authorities highly accurate location-based data.

Using an advanced sensors network, MAGUS AQM system represents a decision support tool that improves the authorities communication with citizens, creates awareness and allows citizens to make more-informed decisions in their daily activities.


MAGUS AQM is a comprehensive and scalable system that collects and analyzes real-time environmental data using an advanced sensors platform. Our sensor platform monitors environmental data and sends data to the Magus Command and Control (Magus C&C) cloud application using wireless or other communication means. The collected data is turned into actionable insights by performing advanced analytics.

MAGUS AQM product

By placing data into a visual context, the MAGUS AQM gives you a real-time map with the evolution of air quality and correlates the identified levels with the relevant European standards. If the air quality indicators are reached, the smart system further calculates the risk associated with the traffic dynamics, obtaining risk predictions for certain areas and times of day.

  • Smart Cities & Municipalities

  • Smart homes & office buildings

  • Schools or university campuses

  • Waste Management

  • Road Safety


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