MAGUS Data Logger (Magus DL)

MAGUS Data Logger (Magus DL)

is a system for collecting and recording data from sensors used in the following applications:

  • Monitoring off-grid energy networks (renewable energy systems)

  • Air pollution monitoring

  • Water quality monitoring (rivers, sewers)

  • Weather monitoring (such as wind speed/direction, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation)

  • Hydrographic monitoring (level, depth, flow, pH, water conductivity)

  • Soil monitoring (relative humidity, pH, temperature, etc.)

  • Monitoring gas pressure in gas distribution networks

  • Meteorological beacons

  • Car-flow (counting number of cars in a controlled road traffic environment)

  • Monitoring of perishable goods during transport (temperature, humidity, etc.) for food distribution outlets (cold chain)

  • Monitoring the temperature of stored pharmaceuticals, medicines and vaccines

  • Process monitoring in maintenance and troubleshooting applications

  • Monitoring liquid levels in tanks

  • Recording Data of energy consumption in a consumer profile

  • Special purposes - water supply plants, power supply systems, gas, nuclear power plants, etc.

  • Civil infrastructure - factories, residential areas, gas distribution networks, oil, electricity, photovoltaic parks, wind farms

  • Agriculture - crop management monitoring

Compact and fully functional

Water poof enclosure

Easy sensors configuration/ calibration

Local & remote download of recorded data


1. Central supply unit

2. Sensor interfaces

3. Communication interfaces

4. Local storage

5. Display


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