MAGUS Geosensor Protector System (Magus GeoPS)

Geosensor Protector System

MAGUS Geosensor Protector System (Magus GeoPS)
is an outdoor perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) that detects and locates the intrusion attempts inside the protected area based on soil vibrations caused by human activity. The seismic sensors are used to detect vibrations.

The concealed security system is invisible for the intruders providing an early warning alarm. Magus GeoPS comprises sensors, Processing Units and Software management Platform. The systemĀ can be powered by mains or battery. It works either stand-alone orĀ integrated with other alarm systems, video security systems through Magus Command & Control platform (Magus CC) or other PSIM platforms.

Through the Artificial Intelligence algorithm, MAGUS GeoPS detects and classifies the activity such as footsteps, vehicles movements, animals, etc., and generates an alarm when an intruder or a vehicle approaches the protected perimeter line. It is also able to accurately locate multiple simultaneous intrusion events.


The signals generated by the vibration sensors, are received by Magus GeoPS Processing Unit, (MGEOPSU), which analyses these signals and generates an alarm warning (event) warning when vibrations are produced by footsteps, vehicles, digging, tunnelling or other form of activity, above or below ground. Through an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, the system identifies and classifies the alarms/warnings (events) according to the type or pattern of vibration. Additionally, the system learns the environment, getting more accurate with time and reducing false alarms.

  • Small/medium/large industrial facilities

  • Power plants

  • Military facilities

  • Critical infrastructures

  • Residential areas

Magus Geosensor Protector System (Magus GeoPS)
is resistant to harsh weather conditions and can be installed in a variety of soils and terrains. The vegetation, wind, rain do not affect the accuracy of the detections.


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